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Olympia Artesian Vodka is the purest, finest vodka you will ever taste. Our premium flavor and mouthfeel come from the use of natural artesian water, hand drawn in Tumwater, Washington by local Master Distillers, Ray Watson and Lesa Givens.


Artesian water is free from contaminants and naturally infused with essential minerals and electrolytes. The usage of it in our distilling and bottling process lends to a distinctively smooth finish and flavor, making our vodka unlike any other in the world.

Customary to the Olympia brand, our orange flavored vodka is conjured by our local master distillers using the hand drawn natural artesian water of Tumwater, Washington. Infused with real oranges in every batch, the light and crisp flavor will leave your mouth craving more.


No artificial flavors or colors are added to this premium vodka. Real orange flavors, blended with the finest vodka, make this signature flavored vodka, unlike any other in the world.

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Find Olympia

Olympia Artesian Vodka is available in retail stores, restaurants, and bars throughout Washington, Oregon, and Montana. You may also find it on Drizly, Caskers, and Flaviar. 

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